Year 8 AET and EKFB MFL resource

Curriculum Objective: To use the theme of TRAVEL & TRANSPORT to develop grammar, vocabulary and linguistic competence.


Organising a business trip, making travel arrangements, explaining travel itineraries

Lesson overview and context guidance: Share the language and phrases relating to the logistics of arranging a business meeting.

  • Explore typical business itineraries and what the important features and considerations are.
  • Hear from people at EKFB who create travel itineraries for business meetings.
  • Use the context of real subsidiaries of EKFB (eg. Canada) as a scenario for a business travel itinerary.
  • Deliver a mock travel briefing to their team colleagues ahead of their mock business trip
  • This task relies on knowledge of the vocabulary of countries of the world as well as travel and transport. Countries and Transport vocabulary. Supplementary vocabulary linked to business travel specifically is provided, however, and so is not a requisite.
  • Students will also need a good understanding of common words, phrases and grammar, including numbers, greetings, opinions.
  • The task relies on the use of some future tense phrases (as well as some past tense) and so it is recommended that this is included in prior learning.

This topic is best sequenced following a unit of work on travel and transport (or similar e.g. holidays). It is recommended that pupils are familiar with verbs in present, past & future tense prior to commencing this task.


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