Year 7 AET and EKFB MFL resource

Curriculum Objective:

To use the theme of GREETINGS, INTRODUCTION AND PERSONAL DETAILS to develop grammar, vocabulary and linguistic competence.



Lesson overview and context guidance:

This lesson commences with an overview of the company EKFB and the different teams within it. Students will take on the role of a manager and introduce a member of their team, describing their personalities, skills, role and hobbies beyond work. Authentic pictures, images and video are used to resource the lesson so that students understand why languages are important to business and are exposed to role models that challenge stereotypes and promote diversity

 This lesson relies on prior learning of greetings, introductions and personal details. There is also an assumption of some basic understanding of numbers and high frequency words. Students will benefit from knowledge of the vocabulary around personal descriptions/characteristics as well hobbies and leisure interests, on which the final task relies. This lesson does also include vocabulary for naming different jobs or careers, but these are provided and so are not necessary as prior learning.

This lesson would benefit from being placed after students have studied Greetings, Personal Descriptions and Hobbies/Leisure Activities. It would form a useful precursor to more detailed study on jobs, careers or future plans.



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  • BM4: Linking curriculum learning to careers
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