Support students and key stakeholders to understand all pathways


Upskilling yourself on Pathways

The Technical education pathways resource has been developed to support you to understand the range of pathways you can be promoting. In includes details about each route, where to find out more information and simple visuals showing the options mapped out.


Informing Students about Pathways 

Consider using these resources alongside organising a provider encounter – helping students to be aware of all pathways enables them to get the most out of an experience with a provider and come prepared with questions to inform their decision making:

  • ‘Skills for Life', helps young people understand all their education and training choices, how they compare and where they can lead. Please help to raise awareness and support young people by directing them to the website.

  • Access this flexible ‘Talking Futures’ PowerPoint presentation template to introduce careers and education options to students and demonstrate the role their parents/carers can play in their decision making. Includes homework activity for KS3-4 students.  

  • You can also signpost students to the ‘Your Options’: Routes through technical training’ Guide. 


Informing Parents/Carers about Pathways 

Talking Futures provides a suite of resources, activities and practical guidance to help you engage parents in supporting their children to decide upon their next best step. Here are key resources from the toolkit, which will support you in informing parents/carers about pathways: 

  • A flexible PowerPoint presentation to introduce careers and education options to parents/carers.  
  • Animations to be shared to support effective careers conversations between parents/carers & students highlighting key pathways at 16/18.  
  • Inspiration and upskilling: action planning A low-pressure session where families complete the Family action plan or Pathway planner with support from school or college staff.
  • Family quiz event A fun quiz to familiarise families with information about careers and education options. 


Informing Staff about Pathways 

My Learning, My Future is a suite of resources for curriculum subject staff to highlight the relevance of their subject to future careers and opportunities and to support students to understand pathways from each subject to future careers and opportunities. 

My Skills, My Future has been collated from resources across our partners and network to support young people with SEND under the 2 groups identified in the SEND toolkit. It contains lessons around employability skill development, employer projects and engagement videos all to support young people in their next steps.


Other supporting resources: 

1: Benchmark 7: Making it Meaningful - Access this checklist to support you to plan meaningful encounters with providers, that align with the provider access legislation and help your students to understand all learning opportunities available to them.


2:  T Levels - Access this toolkit to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in talking about T-Levels. 

  • Share this video on website and in parental communications to support parents to better understand T Levels. 
  • Share this guide with staff to support their understanding of what T Levels are. Share relevant T Level posters with key staff for displays. 
  • Customise and share this T-Levels student Activity Pack to support your students to better understand T Levels. 


3: Apprenticeships & Traineeships - Visit Amazing Apprenticeships, founded to tackle misconceptions about apprenticeships and promote the benefits.  

  • Access ‘The Complete Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships’ to understand more about Higher Degree Apprenticeships.
  • A useful and informative overview of the Independent Training Provider sector. 


4. Higher Education  

  • UCAS helps to inspire and empower people to make aspirational choices about higher education and learning. 
  • UniTasterDays is a directory of university events for school groups and individual students. 
  • The Student Room(TSR) is an online community where thousands of students help each other out. It exists for all young people – no matter your background or your aspirations. Whatever life throws your way, from taking GCSEs to landing a job to dealing with relationships, The Student Room community is here for you. 


5: Work It series - Developed by the CEC Work It is a series of careers talks with young people, for young people. Learn about some of the different routes available after leaving education from a range of inspiring youth voices. These also raise awareness of roles of the young people and the businesses they work for. 


6: Funded Careers Leader Trainin - To access funded professional training that will support you in developing a progressive careers programme including how students can be supported to make informed decisions at key transitions, please access our training catalogue with details of all fully funded offers available, including information on the additional £1000 training bursary. 

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