My Skills My Future

My Skills My Future

This programme contains a series of lesson plans, employer project briefs, video content and resources to support young people with SEND in all settings to consider their next steps.  The content aims to develop awareness of key sector areas and raise the aspirations of young people with SEND and showcase the different pathways available to them.

Suitable for young people with SEND in all settings with resources aimed at the 2 specific groups:

  1. Typically unlikely to take GCSE/Level 2 qualifications
  2. Typically likely to take GCSE/Level 2 qualifications 

The programme will be added to as new resources emerge, if you have anything you feel would be a good addition please email. 

How it works:

The Career Leader guide contains all the relevant programme details and links to the resources. The programme is designed to be flexible and can be delivered as a full programme or dipped in and out of depending on the needs of the young person and how it maps to the curriculum.

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