The WOW Show

The WOW Show is a Netflix-style careers channel for schools, which brings the world of work alive in the classroom. The shows are streamed via YouTube and are primarily aimed at secondary school students (all years) and colleges. What’s more, the shows are accompanied by teacher support materials in the form of lesson plans authored by the teacher-led organisation, VotesforSchools. And the shows are free for anyone to watch anytime, anywhere on any connected device. 


  • Careers Leader
  • Further Education provider
  • Training Provider
  • Free
  • BM5: Encounters with Employers and Employees
  • Key stage 3
  • Key stage 4
  • Further education and skills
  • Lesson plans
  • Videos
  • SEND
Top tips
  • The shows are freely available on demand via The WOW Show channel on YouTube and can be viewed in assemblies by entire year groups – or in separate class groups, or in tutor or PSHE learning periods
  • The shows are available in different time lengths – 20-minutes for the main programme and a +30-minutes version that includes a panel Q&A
  • Each career sector or role depicted in the shows can be viewed as individual bite-size two-minute segments

A dynamic visual encounter

The shows provide a dynamic visual encounter with employers and employees. They are designed to give a vivid insight into different workplaces, some of which students may not otherwise have the opportunity to see. By featuring young employees (as near-peers) who have recently transitioned into the world of work, students get to ‘meet’ people they can relate to.