Making encounters meaningful: support for providers​

Schools, colleges and special schools are being supported to ‘open their doors’ to ensure that providers have the opportunity to talk to students. There is real ambition about how providers and employers can support learners to develop knowledge and understanding of all available routes at key transition points, including technical and vocational. Through meaningful encounters with providers students can understand learner experience, pathways to work, recruitment & selection, LMI and have the opportunity to develop specific knowledge, skills and experiences that will support with successful transitions.​

The resource will help you understand institution’s expectations for a provider encounter and includes a template for planning an encounter with a school, special school or college. For more details on how a Careers Leader can plan a meaningful encounter with a provider that fits within their progressive careers programme read the Making it meaningful: Benchmark 7 resource.​

For more information on the provider access legislation visit our Promoting all Pathways page.

To help support you and the schools you work with to understand all pathways we have produced a guide with AELP about technical education. There is also a student guide you could use to complement any provider encounter you deliver. Find these resources on our Technical Education Pathways Resource page.

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