Explore Apprenticeships – Free Online Course

#ExploreApprenticeships is designed to help young people build their confidence in understanding what to look for in a high-quality apprenticeship, how to ensure it matches their needs and interests, and how to prepare to make the most of the application process. 

Mapped to the Gatsby Benchmarks, Skills Builder and CDI Framework, the #ExploreApprenticeships programme ensures young people can use this free resource with confidence that it is a trusted and quality personal development programme.

By the end of the programme young people will:

  • Understand apprenticeships and how they work
  • Explore plans and guides to help them navigate their next steps
  • Discover which skills and behaviours they can develop
  • Understand what apprenticeships involve and what will be expected of them
  • Gain confidence in knowing how to find, research and apply for apprenticeships tailored to their needs, interests and levels of education and career confidence

Young people will receive a certificate when they complete the course.

The programme can be completed as a standalone course. Young people can also complete it as part of a suite of free Young Professional courses aiding early career awareness and development.



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