Gatsby Benchmark 1 Module 1: Creating a Strategic Careers Plan

Building a Strategic Careers Plan

The aim of a strategic careers plan is to enable the Careers Leader to implement a progressive career programme, which:

  • is aligned to school, special school or college priorities
  • meets the needs of ‘each & every’ student
  • tracks the impact of careers provision.

The Strategic Careers Plan, first conceptualised by Teach First in 2017, will be your ‘manual’ for how to achieve your strategic objectives. It will include timeframes, responsibilities, and evaluation plans. It will contain all the information needed to lead improvements in careers provision so that if you as Careers Leader were to leave, it could form a comprehensive handover document for any successor.

This format follows the Teach First Strategic Careers Plan concept and includes:

  • Vision
  • Current state
  • Key strategic objectives (student-centred and measurable)
  • Action plan to achieve objectives’.
Top tips
  • Creating a plan can be done with the support of the Enterprise Adviser, Enterprise Coordinator and Link Governor.
  • Use the whole school development plan to aid thoughts around objectives.

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