Year 9 AET and EKFB MFL resource

Curriculum Objective: To use the theme of CAREERS & JOBS to develop grammar, vocabulary and linguistic competence.


Recruiting Employees

Lesson overview and context guidance:

Students commence by exploring why languages are so important at EKFB. They then listen to a day in the life of ant EKFB employee and look at examples of jobs at EKFB, including person specifications and job descriptions for particular roles. Students will ultimately produce a letter to apply for one of the roles at EKFB, introducing themselves and their skills as well as referencing the job information

This lesson relies on knowledge of vocabulary of education, jobs and employment. In addition, students will need a range of phrases to introduce and describe themselves as well as a good understanding of present and future tenses.

This lesson would be best sequenced following a unit of work on future plans, whether this is focused on school or employment/careers. It is important that the lesson is positioned after pupils have been introduced to the future tense and once they have a wide enough vocabulary to describe people, their characteristics and their interests. It would be beneficial to link the timing of delivery to a point in the year when students are making decisions about their future pathways and plans.


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