Understanding Apprenticeships


Presentation 1: Discover Yourself

This presentation covers:

  • What aspirations students have for their lives
  • What students enjoy doing
  • Their strengths and weaknesses


Presentation 2: What an Apprenticeship is

This presentation covers:

  • What an apprenticeship is
  • What makes apprenticeships a potentially attractive option
  • How an apprenticeship works
  • Things to be aware of


Presentation 3: Available Apprenticeships

This presentation covers:

  • What apprenticeship programmes exists
  • Typical opportunities available


Presentation 4: Weighing Up Your Options

This presentation covers:

  • What your main options are
  • The kind of things to think about when weighing up these options
  • Some suggested approaches to going about comparing options


These 4 presentations are intended to initiate purposeful conversations and self-reflection that will help young people understand the apprenticeship option better as they compare it to other post-school options.

Gatsby Benchmark Mapping

It is essential for each of your careers resources to support your school in achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks, so to make this easy for you we have created a quick guide to help you see how the source of the presentations above, 'Understanding Apprenticeships', can help you provide outstanding careers guidance.


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