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It contains exciting research and industrial developments, real life STEM stories, career journeys and interest pieces on STEM expeditions and STEM based adventure. All articles cover the broad themes of STEM subjects and careers. Helping to showcase the wealth of exciting STEM being carried out in the UK, making it relevant to young people and providing a platform for highlighting potential careers.

Each edition is accompanied by a free downloadable booklet of learning notes. These encourage further exploration and self-learning of the topics covered, linking it to curricular content and career exploration. Catalyst sparks learning, teaching and debate on current issues and raises awareness of intriguing careers that may not normally be considered.

Catalyst seeks to raise aspirations in all students and to challenge stereotypes by working with a broad range of individuals keen to share their knowledge, and by highlighting how STEM subjects are used in the world. Enabling students to feel a sense of achievement, improved confidence and able to link STEM subjects with desired employment attributes.

Catalyst raises awareness of careers and career routes by highlighting the roles of real individuals and their work. Catalyst provides links to further information about the topics covered and encourages students to find out more about the universities, companies and roles of the authors. Each author is a role model, showcasing the importance of their work and when interviewed their own personal career journey. Catalyst broadens understanding and awareness of STEM subjects and provides opportunities to learn about potential careers and STEM related roles.

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