Securing Good Transitions: A resource pack to support the next steps of Key Stage 4 pupils with SEND

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To strengthen our sector-wide approach to transition planning and support for children with SEND, DFN have collated this resource pack.

There is content across 10 areas:

  1. Capturing Key Information ahead of Transition
  2. Social Stories™ to support learners to understand, change and prepare for their next steps
  3. Student-Centred Planning
  4. Access and Communication tips
  5. Navigating your LA local offer
  6. Vocational Profiling Tools
  7. Accessing Work: Inclusive Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Supported Internships
  8. Examples of people who have completed supported internships and are now successfully in full-time work
  9. Introduction to DWP Access to Work and Job Coach funding
  10. Examples of schools based coaching programme (DFN MoveForward) that directly leads to employment.


These resources include lots of examples and can be used as individual, stand-alone resources or in combination as needed. 

Registration to the SEND gateway is needed to access. 

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