Qdos App

The app has been developed in partnership with careers education experts, including national professional networks, regional careers leaders, educators and, most importantly- the students, to ensure all content is current and updated regularly.

The Qdos Careers App is designed to help multiple audiences, but primarily young people, parents/carers, careers leaders and career advisers by providing an expert digital resource, accessible anywhere.


What you will find on this user-friendly App:

  • News on national and regional activities programmes e.g. virtual open days and summer camps, careers events, new careers resources, as well as expert blogs and industry insights.
  • Careers information (by job, by sector, and inspiration for those not sure what they want to do-tools and quizzes to see what suits you best).
  • Education route mapping (qualifications needed for jobs and impartial information on where to study).
  • University entry (UCAS) preparation.
  • Job market navigation (including Career Finder job matching tool and live job vacancy search function).
  • Tools and guides to prepare for jobs and training applications (e.g., Apprenticeships and employment, internships, entrepreneurial skills and setting up your own business, and careers events calendar).
  • Support Resources - information on the range of organisations that offer useful information, advice, and support for health and well-being.
  • My Profile - where you store information and articles that are useful to you – saving information privately, to your device.

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