HY Up Podcast


They focus on talking to recent graduates, or apprentices on their experiences after school discussing how they got to where they are, lessons they have learnt, the tricky decisions they have made and how you can follow a career like them. The series uses guests from all backgrounds, genders and fields of study to give young people real and honest advice.

Nothing is off topic, and we want to talk about everything early careers, from apprenticeships and going off to Uni, to breaking stereotypes around certain roles and careers. Our first 6 episodes focus on the following topics:

  1. Being Black in finance, how do you break the stereotypes associated with your ethnicity to do something different.
  2. Doing a degree apprenticeship in science and engineering field as a young women.
  3. Imposter Syndrome, how do you cope with feeling like you don’t belong.
  4. Setting up a business during lockdown, whilst doing a degree apprenticeship.
  5. Being a care leaver, aspiring to go to University, get a degree and start on a graduate programme.
  6. Going to University, tackling financial challenges and wellbeing.

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