Year 10 AET and EKFB MFL resource

Curriculum Objective: To use the theme of TECHNOLOGY & MEDIA to develop grammar, vocabulary and linguistic competence


Promoting a Company

Lesson overview and context guidance:

Students will commence by learning together about why languages are so valuable and about the business of EKFB. They will then explore the EKFB work experience programme, completing reading in French using a flyer that promotes the programme. Students will follow this by considering how a company like EKFB uses social media to attract talented people and use this knowledge when reviewing a work experience placement for EKFB’s social media sites. The lesson is designed to allow students to find out more about EKFB and what it can offer young people in terms of work experience placements and potential careers

This lesson is reliant on prior knowledge of the vocabulary and phrases of technology and the media. It also requires an understanding of the language and vocabulary of the world of work, careers and education. The main task involves completing a review and as such a good working prior knowledge of the past tense is essential

This lesson would be best placed following study of the Technology/Media topic. It should also be sequenced after students have experience of learning about the world of work/future plans, although this could be from earlier years. The tasks are structured to be similar in style to GCSE exam questions so could also be used as learning prior to mock exams.