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Careers education has evolved, so the time to start preparing for the future of your careers provision is now. At The Careers & Enterprise Company, we can help your institutions prepare all young people for the fast-changing world of work with our expertise, experience, free tools, resources and ecosystem of support. We can support you in your role to know the right questions to ask to make a difference.

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Online training modules

Our free online learning modules, hosted on our digital hub, help key education stakeholders to better understand the value of careers leadership, the careers education landscape, understand the role and value of a Careers Leader and how subject teachers can contribute to good careers education. Access training modules specific for Governors and Education Leaders here.


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Governor slide deck

Use this presentation to help secondary school and college governors understand their role and responsibilities – and encourage them to engage with our accompanying governor guidance.

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Central Strategic Careers Leadership (CSCL): Developing approaches to the strategic leadership of careers across trust

This guide explores how the role of the Central Strategic Careers Leader is emerging within trusts, the value of the work on careers within trusts, the value of collaborative working between trusts and Careers Hubs, and employers across the various regions.

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Financial education guidance for schools in England and Scotland

Financial education is an essential element of the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, helping pupils prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.  This guidance, published by the Money and Pensions Service, aims to help schools deliver quality financial education to their pupils and students.

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Reimagining - Experiences of the Workplace

Developed by Shoreham Academy.

A set of resources designed to support both educators and employers to reimagine students’ experiences of the workplace. Containing practical guides and templates which can provide inspiration for a range of meaningful project-based activities. 

You can also find a link below to our ‘Future Workplace’ webinar which highlighted these resources as part of a wider session looking at the implications (for educators and employers) of the post pandemic workplace.

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Teacher Encounter Resources

A meaningful teacher encounter with employers/employees is one in which teachers/staff can develop their knowledge and understanding of sectors, careers and routes available to students at key transitions. These resources have been developed by the Careers and Enterprise Company to support the development of those opportunities.

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Teacher Encounters – Resources for Schools and Colleges

A teacher encounter provides an opportunity for teachers to engage directly with employers to see and learn about the different career pathways relevant to their subjects, and to observe how their subject is applied practically in business.

The benefit of Teacher Encounters as part of a whole school approach to teacher development, watch this video.

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Amazing Apprenticeships Resources

Amazing Apprenticeships is a leading organisation in the education sector, working with schools, colleges and employers, tackling misconceptions and promoting the benefits of apprenticeships and technical education.

They work closely with the Department for Education and a wide range of other partners and stakeholder organisations in England and internationally, to ensure that more individuals and businesses can access the benefits of apprenticeships.

Animated film explaining what apprenticeships are and their benefits, watch here

Is your school or college part of a Careers Hub?

Careers Hubs bring together schools, colleges, employers, and apprenticeship providers in local areas across England. The goal is to make it easier for schools and colleges to improve how they prepare young people for their next steps.

Careers Hubs drive progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks by enabling schools and colleges and their Careers Leaders to access training and support, and to collaborate in a focussed way, bringing together best practice and local labour market insight.

Hubs offer schools and colleges dedicated support from the local hub team and facilitate partnerships with key employers committed to improving careers across an area.

Careers Hubs are organised as partnerships between The Careers & Enterprise Company and institutions with a stake in local economic growth (Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local and Combined Authorities). Careers Hub teams are located within these partner organisations.

In addition to mainstream schools and colleges, SEND and Alternative Provision schools, apprenticeship and in-work training providers and businesses of every size and sector can join a hub.

Contact us to take your first step in becoming part of this amazing network.