Careers Leader

Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the planning, delivery and impact measurement of their school, special school or college’s strategic careers plan and progressive careers programme.

It’s a key role that involves aligning careers provision to the strategic priorities of the school, special school or college and overseeing work towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks in a meaningful way for young people.

The Careers Leader needs to be someone who can:

  • Take responsibility for continuous improvement of the strategic careers plan and the progressive careers programme, which should be planned and implemented to ensure positive outcomes for young people.
  • Coordinate and manage the various elements of the careers programme informed by a strategic careers plan aligned to school, special school or college priorities.
  • Liaise with external partners, such as employers, learning providers and career guidance services.
  • Pay careful attention to feedback from all stakeholders and to the destinations of pupils.

Developed with you in mind, we’ve made it easy to quickly find the trusted, high quality resources you need to make a difference. We’ve identified, and regularly update, key resources that can directly support you as you plan, implement and measure the impact of your strategic careers plan and progressive careers programme and as you work towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks.


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T Levels Resource

T Levels are a qualification choice that will follow GCSEs and give students a head start towards the career they want. They will suit students who wish to start working towards a skilled occupation, prefer a practical approach to learning and want a predominantly classroom-based course.

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Careers Posters

Posters can really brighten up any classroom, department, corridor or student social area and help bring careers information to students in a bright and colourful way leaving them with a lasting impression and a point of reference during their time in school.

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Springpod is a free careers platform offering a whole host of exciting and impactful opportunities from virtual work experience to university experiences alongside useful advice and information related to career pathways. 

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Opportunity Areas Insight Guides

Since 2017, the 12 Opportunity Areas have been working with local people to improve school standards, attendance, teaching quality and recruitment, careers training and advice, and literacy and maths skills in some of the most disadvantaged regions in the country, alongside tackling barriers to learning that exist beyond the school gates. 

This is the first insight guide focused on providing careers advice and support for young people and sharing what has worked in the Opportunity Areas so that other areas can benefit from this insight.