Training Providers

We work closely with sector colleagues and sector bodies to ensure our support is tailored and differentiated to meet your needs.


Sector Share - Click here to access the sector page to support training providers around careers education. 


‘Being able to draw on the work of CEC and its members and partners, and with the focus on Training Providers, has brought some rich ideas and connections that will further enhance the careers’ work in our settings.’ Simon Ashton, Assistant Principal, Nacro


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Making encounters meaningful: support for providers​

This resource is for providers who deliver encounters in schools, special schools and colleges to support students with learning about all pathways.

In the context of the provider access legislation, a provider is an organisation that offers approved technical education qualifications or their representative, for example an FE college or training provider. The purpose of the resource is to enable providers to effectively engage with schools, special schools and colleges to deliver encounters that have an impact on students and are aligned with the institution’s wider careers education programme.​

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Technical Education Pathways Resource

Please find below a number of resources which will support you in promoting the wide range of technical education pathways which are available for young people. The resources (created in partnership with the Association of Employment and Learning Providers - AELP) are designed for careers colleagues to use to explain these pathways to young people as well as promoting the wider work of the Training Provider (ITP) sector.


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Accenture Digital Skills

This resource has been developed by Accenture (national) and is offered on a free learning basis.

A collaborative, peer to peer learning tool building the digital skills needed to stand out in today’s workplace:

  • Bite-sized, animated videos presented by digital experts
  • 110+ animated bitesize videos with content covering 7 digital courses presented by Accenture digital experts
  • Innovative use of social media tools to facilitate peer to peer learning
  • CPD accredited certificate received for completing the modules.
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Amazing Apprenticeships Resources

Amazing Apprenticeships is a small team with a big mission. They offer support and guidance to educators, employers, students and parents to navigate the fast-changing world of apprenticeships. Below are links to some of the resources they have on offer.

Brand-new animated film explaining what apprenticeships are and their benefits, watch here


Benchmark 1 Webinars

The following webinars have been created to support Careers Leaders to create a strategic careers plan and build a progressive careers programme.

The webinars should be used in conjunction with the Strategic Carers Plan and Building a Stable and Progressive Careers Programme guidance documents.