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The programme has been running since 2019 and has supported over 200 learners to develop their understanding of the policy background of careers work, the practical application of career development and learning theories, and the development and implementation of a stable careers plan.

New content has been developed to meet the needs of learners based in Independent Training Providers (ITPs). The core of the programme consists of 10 learning units listed below. Each of these has been evaluated and content and links have been included so that learners in ITP settings can see your contexts and learners reflected in the learning experience.



The aim is to support the development and consistency of careers activities, and stable careers programmes in ITPs. By including content that raises the profile of ITPs, it is also hoped that school and college-based learners will develop their understanding of a wider range of providers, and so increase opportunities for young people to hear about the full range of apprenticeships and facilitate direct engagement between schools and ITPs.


Your learning

The course is accessed online through a specially created Virtual Campus. You can access the Virtual Campus at times that suit you.

The course can be completed in 15 weeks. Learners are encouraged to complete one Learning Unit each week for 10 weeks, and then spend the remaining time producing their assignment. 

Each week, there are also live discussion sessions (one hour a week) which bring the learning to life and give opportunities for further interaction with other learners.


10 Learning Units of the PGA

Each Learning Unit has six activity zones and a video presentation. Each activity or video can be completed within 30 minutes, allowing you to engage with the resources when you have an opportunity through your week:

  • Learning Unit 1: Good Career Guidance
  • Learning Unit 2: The Benchmarks
  • Learning Unit 3: Theories and Concepts
  • Learning Unit 4: The Role of the Careers Leader
  • Learning Unit 5: Careers in the Curriculum
  • Learning Unit 6: Information and Aspiration
  • Learning Unit 7: Meeting the Needs of all Learners
  • Learning Unit 8: Commissioning Personal Guidance
  • Learning Unit 9; Working with Stakeholders
  • Learning Unit 10: Evaluation and Quality Assurance


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