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Online training modules

Our free online learning modules, hosted on our digital hub, help key education stakeholders to better understand the value of careers leadership, the careers education landscape, understand the role and value of a Careers Leader and how subject teachers can contribute to good careers education. Access training modules specific for Education Leaders and Governors here.


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Careers Posters

Posters can really brighten up any classroom, department, corridor or student social area and help bring careers information to students in a bright and colourful way leaving them with a lasting impression and a point of reference during their time in school.

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Opportunity Areas Insight Guides

Since 2017, the 12 Opportunity Areas have been working with local people to improve school standards, attendance, teaching quality and recruitment, careers training and advice, and literacy and maths skills in some of the most disadvantaged regions in the country, alongside tackling barriers to learning that exist beyond the school gates. 

This is the first insight guide focused on providing careers advice and support for young people and sharing what has worked in the Opportunity Areas so that other areas can benefit from this insight.

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Working with Enterprise Advisers

World class careers education can’t exist without the input and insight from industry leaders. Volunteer Enterprise Advisers (EAs) are there to do just that, provide ‘real time’ insight to help demystify the world of work and improve your connectivity to employers.   

This resource looks at the ways in which Careers Leaders and EAs can work together to ensure careers education is reflective of the fast-changing labour market.    

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Your Money Matters

Developed by Young Money (part of Young Enterprise) this resource has been designed for use with young people age 14 – 16 in England and covers topics including spending and saving, borrowing, debt, insurance, student finance & future planning. 

Funded by Martin Lewis, founder of, this curriculum mapped textbook was sent to state funded English secondary schools in late 2018. Young Money (part of Young Enterprise) updated this resource in July 2021, which you can access here. 

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Key stages

What is a key growth sector?

Developed by Inspiring Worcestershire. 

Learning more about Worcestershire’s key growth sectors will enable you to understand a variety of important information which could aid you in the decision-making process surrounding your potential career pathway and the choices you make during the remainder of your journey through education.

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The ERIC App

A *completely free* career app for students and schools that gives personalised career advice about the 16 creative industries within seconds.

Age group it's available for: 16+

Cost: FREE to download for all young people, teachers, career advisors & other school contacts.

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Making it Meaningful: Benchmark 7

This resource supports Careers Leaders to embed encounters with providers of all routes available to students at key transitions within a progressive careers programme.

The following guiding principles will support an approach to Benchmark 7 and to Provider Access Legislation, whilst being aligned to Benchmarks 1 and 3 including setting aims, planning meaningful delivery and impact evaluation of activity.

To accompany this resource, watch the film to hear from educators, providers and young people about the impact these principles can have in a range of settings.

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Key stages

Immerse Education

Immerse Education offers two week programmes in academic subject development with tutors from the University of Oxford and Cambridge. These take place as a residential programme in July and August, with accommodation provided at the universities, and a full programme of support academic and social activities.

There are also options to take part virtually, with an Online Academic Insights programme that runs for two weeks in December, April and throughout July and August. Although this is a fee-paying programme, we have bursaries available, and offer scholarships based on an essay competition open to all students aged 13-18.

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Globally Responsible Careers in STEM

‘Globally Responsible Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’ (GRC-STEM) – will help the growing number of job-seekers looking for employment with organisations that prioritise sustainable and ethical concerns.

This online resource asks each individual a series of questions concerning:

  1. Their personal requirements from a career and considering their interests in science and technology;
  2. The type of work they are interested in; and
  3. Their ethical concerns, bearing in mind the global issues that face society.