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Film 1: Lancaster and Morecambe College:  Innovation and collaboration through green & sustainable careers education.

An insight into how to provide innovative and meaningful careers guidance advice to young people about roles linked to green skills and sustainability. This film showcases how Lancaster and Morecambe College, in collaboration with the Eden Project have embedded green and sustainable careers education into all their subject areas. We also learn how they collaborate with local schools, through their local careers hub, equipping learners with key skills and the knowledge to embrace opportunities in  in their local area.   


Film 2: Middlesbrough College: Effective employer engagement in the digital industry

How do we ensure that learners have meaningful encounters with employers and that the curriculum equips them with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that local employers and the economy requires Middlesbrough College works with over 3,000 employers and is a brilliant example of how effective employer engagement can positively impact careers education.  The film showcases innovative approaches including local business sponsorship of rooms, employers as guest lecturers, curriculum intent, implementation and evaluation in close consultation with employers.   


Film 3: Barnsley College: Skills development - the learner journey: preparing young people for a brighter future

Raising the aspirations of young people and helping them develop key skills sought by employers is a crucial component of their careers learning journey, alongside working towards their educational qualifications. Recognising this, Barnsley College has created a Connect Badge system, which encourages their learners to identify and develop the skills that they need, and that businesses and organisations are looking for.  The badge system helps learners to showcase their skills and has improved opportunities for young people and supported progression.



FES Connect

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