Careers Leader

Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the planning, delivery and impact measurement of their school, special school or college’s strategic careers plan and progressive careers programme.

It’s a key role that involves aligning careers provision to the strategic priorities of the school, special school or college and overseeing work towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks in a meaningful way for young people.

The Careers Leader needs to be someone who can:

  • Take responsibility for continuous improvement of the strategic careers plan and the progressive careers programme, which should be planned and implemented to ensure positive outcomes for young people.
  • Coordinate and manage the various elements of the careers programme informed by a strategic careers plan aligned to school, special school or college priorities.
  • Liaise with external partners, such as employers, learning providers and career guidance services.
  • Pay careful attention to feedback from all stakeholders and to the destinations of pupils.

Developed with you in mind, we’ve made it easy to quickly find the trusted, high quality resources you need to make a difference. We’ve identified, and regularly update, key resources that can directly support you as you plan, implement and measure the impact of your strategic careers plan and progressive careers programme and as you work towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks.


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Key stages

EmployAbility Leisure Guides

EmployAbility Leisure is an initiative by Aspire (EmployAbility Leisure) to create more accessible and inclusive training and workplace environments for disabled people in the fitness and leisure sector. Evidence-based guidance published as a result for disabled people, training providers and employers is available for free, instant download here.

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Careers and enterprise provision in England’s colleges in 2019: Detailed Gatsby Benchmark results

This report builds on the national results from the State of the Nation Report 2019 with additional analysis of the Compass data for colleges specifically, to provide Careers Leaders, college leaders and their external partners with the insights needed to make further progress.

Gatsby BM5, 6
Key stages

IGD Work Experience week

If you are interested in helping your students learn about the food and grocery industry, we would recommend IGD Feeding Britains Futures. It is a free initiative that brings the industry together to develop students’ employability skills and learn about the wide range of roles in the industry.  

Gatsby BM1
Key stages

Example Strategic Careers Plan: The Link School (AP)

Example strategic careers plan from The Link School, Sunderland (AP).

This strategy covers 2021-2024 and was updated January 2021.

The strategy outlines the school’s vision for careers and the main aims of careers provision at the school.

Detail includes: vision, SWOT analysis strategic objectives and key actions. The School’s Provider Access policy is also included.