Transitions Guide: Started (Yr 7)


Parents and children get bombarded with information throughout the transition process and it can be quite overwhelming for Y7 when they begin secondary school. The purpose of transition is to enable them to settle quickly into new routines and feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. Careers activities can be great fun and a way to ascertain students’ aspiration for their best next step.

A particular activity to consider is a baseline assessment so you can evaluate the impact of your programme with the students and shape your programme to address the specific needs of this new cohort.

This section also includes ideas that can be undertaken throughout the year.

‘Transition is a perfect opportunity to introduce careers and helps student to link secondary school with preparing for their future and life after school.  We find that the students are really enthusiastic and soak up careers information like sponges. They are far less inhibited too and engage really well with employers’.

Mandy Green – Director of Aspiration - Bedford Academy


Resource includes:

  • Induction Ideas: possible introductory lessons, engaging parents
  • Children’s University: about it, CU Ambassadors
  • Settling-in Evening: Stand, meet the careers team, engage parents
  • Extended Opportunities: after school, holidays and weekends
  • Baselining: Future Skills survey (FSQ), possible ideas; Skills Builder benchmark
  • Website: ideas; Skills Builder homezone

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