LMI fact sheets – Tees Valley example

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These posters are designed to help students and parents understand the different sectors of growth in the Tees Valley area. They explain the sector and give some key information regarding the local context. The posters also contain information around the skills and qualities needed for working in the sector, salary information, subject links and the pathways into the sector. Additionally, the posters:

  • Include examples of the individual boroughs within the Tees Valley
  • Highlight the sector split for employment
  • Display key information about job vacancies
  • Can be used as a template for other LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) areas or regions to populate key information.
Top tips
  • Display the engaging visuals on plasma screens around school/college during the day and at key events where parents are visiting.
  • The visuals can also be printed and used as posters to highlight the local labour market information.
  • A video of the key information could be made to play in assemblies, PSHE lessons and linked to a particular employer to support BM 5.

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