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​​​​​​Each profile is named after a “bug” and is delivered in three formats leading to personal career “clouds”. The user can choose levels of environment and ambition that then covers ALL careers including those based upon tertiary education, apprenticeships and lower skilled employment . For each career the user can explore required qualifications, routes to the career together with career profiles, salary profiles and job market information. It thus promotes personal “ownership” of the career plan. As well as being unique for the user it is an immensely valuable tool for teachers and careers advisors. It is a FREE one-stop careers advice package that automatically updates giving confidence in the quality of information.

Sir John Holman has reviewed Careers HELP, is impressed and recommended contacting The Careers and Enterprise Company

It is easily available on-line and on mobile phones making it a portable careers package, allowing students to return and update their career plan, and it can be used as a basis for discussion with parents, teachers and advisors. All of the databases automatically update giving confidence to students and advisors. The Careers HELP plan becomes personal and “owned” by the student and can be endorsed by the teacher and advisor. For the time-pressured teacher it is an invaluable source of data, and with the ubiquity of mobile phones can even be used as a lesson plan.

It comprehensively meets Benchmarks 1-4 and 8 and introduces students to Benchmarks 5 and 7.

It is already in use in over 200 schools spread around the UK.

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