Transition Guide from Primary to Secondary: enhancing careers education and supporting parental engagement

The guide takes a staged approach, looking at quick wins that could be implemented immediately, as well as longer-term considerations to develop transition as the foundation for a progressive careers programme and support you to capitalise on the high levels of parental engagement at this crucial time.

“Engaging students/young people at their educational transition points is essential as it provides them with self-awareness and therefore confidence that the choices they make are positive steps towards their future career paths. The transition from Y6 to Y7 is essential as it starts to imbed the idea that they are the ones who can control their direction and can aspire to a range of opportunities which is the key to equity.”

Sarah Harrison – Assistant Principal, Head of Support Services and Careers Leader at Horizon Community College, Barnsley


Aims of the Transition Guide

  • To explore opportunities to embed careers within transition
  • To develop transition as the foundation for a progressive careers programme by embedding careers into transition programmes
  • To consider how to mobilise colleagues and maximise the impact on careers
  • To provide examples and resources to support you in planning transition

Decision making (Y4,5,6)

  • Open Evenings & Open Days
  • Staff visits to primary schools
  • Primary visits to secondary schools
  • Y4, Y5, Y6 Tours
  • Trips
  • Website

Decision made (Y6)

  • Staff visits to primary
  • Transition days
  • Transition Pack
  • Transition for SEND/vulnerable students
  • Summer school
  • Information sharing
  • Website
  • Started (Y7)

  • Induction Ideas
  • Children’s University
  • Settling-in Evening
  • Extended opportunities
  • Baselining
  • Website

This section also includes ideas that can be undertaken throughout the year.

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