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Spotlight Talks

These episodes are designed to be used on demand and can be played as part of a lesson, tutor session, assembly or individually by learners.

Through these episodes learners will explore a variety of industries and roles, covering four core areas:

  • Overview from an industry expert that summarises, describes and illustrates the industry, the work the company or organisation does, the trends, what skills are needed in the sector.
  • Young professionals including apprentices, share in a peer-to-peer way about their own career journeys, what they do in their roles and the skills they use.
  • A short industry-based task incorporating STEM subjects and skills where appropriate and other subjects or skills, highlighting to learners how their curriculum relates to the careers in this sector.
  • Industry experts present the post-16 options for learners, exploring college-based and work-based routes including apprenticeships, traditional academic and technical and vocational pathways including T Levels.

Spotlight Talks on Public Services - Hear from leading employers and apprentices to inspire young people from all walks of life to consider the vocational pathways which will lead them to uniformed and public services careers from firefighting to medicine.

Spotlight Talks on Design and Build - Hear from inspirational role models to gain insight into the skills and career journeys within architecture and interior design.

Spotlight Talks on Green Jobs - As climate change and environmental concerns top the social, political and youth agenda, we focus on green jobs. The government’s ambition to create 2 million jobs in the green economy by 2030 is an exciting opportunity for young people to develop skills which will help accelerate the UK towards net-zero.

Spotlight Talks on Employability and Confidence – Sam Rapp the Dyslexic Poet shares their career success being neurodivergent, offering encouraging and practical advice to young people who are similar and planning their futures.

Spotlight on Armed Forces – We worked with the Army and the Royal Navy to showcase the countless roles and engineering apprenticeships available to young people.

STEM Careers and Inspiration – Browse STEM technical education careers videos to explore what STEM apprenticeships are, what is available and how young people can secure a STEM apprenticeship in construction, engineering, science and fire and security systems to name a few.

Spotlight on Digital Skills – These videos outline the breadth and depth of digital skills, apprenticeships, and technical pathway careers. From VFX games design, software engineering, cyber security and working with partners such as BCS, Dell, Rolls Royce, and PwC, inspire learners about the shape and direction of digital careers and their future.




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There are over 30 videos on apprenticeships, STEM Careers, Green Jobs, creative and design careers!

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