Spark+ Careers Service for SEND

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The SPARK+ careers programme is delivered by qualified careers advisors with extensive experience in teaching careers and preparation for transition to students with SEND. The online programme is designed to promote positive self-identity and build confidence and therefore contributes to good mental health, whilst meeting the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The programme includes fortnightly careers tutorials for Years 9 to 11, using high-quality bespoke resources alongside regular 1:1 sessions with specialist staff.

The programme has in built flexibility in order to respond to school/college priorities, group needs, feedback and advances in technology.

SPARK+ is enabled by the Spark Careers App, where students can access live, SEND-appropriate employer engagement events, labour market information (LMI), college course and careers information, and directly message their specialist tutor - all in the palm of their hand.

SPARK+ goes beyond the traditional careers programme to create personalised support for key transitions and future pathways for students who require alternative methods of teaching and learning. Live online delivery of tutorial sessions and employer engagement events, along with recordings of previous events, ensures that schools, parents, and students have access to an exclusive careers service to support students with SEND.

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