Seddon lesson plans

This resource has been produced by the team in the Stoke area with a local Cornerstone employer, Seddon Construction, who are also an Enterprise Adviser. Seddon worked with their matched school, Haywood Academy, to develop these lessons – and support the implementation of careers into the curriculum in Maths in year 11. The lessons were developed around topics that were identified as challenging for students to understand: 

  • There are 4 lessons included, covering percentages, area, volume and scales
  • The role of a Quantity Surveyor was used as the means to impart the knowledge
  • Haywood used the lessons before mock exams and saw an improvement in the scores afterwards, which they attributed partly to these lessons
Top tips
  • Try to establish a link with a similar employer to support the delivery in the classroom and answer any questions
  • Plan as part of the progressive programme in year 11 to raise awareness of careers and link curriculum to the world of work
  • Where possible, replicate in other curriculum subject areas and across different year groups


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