Talking Futures: Key Information

Signposting Resource for Staff

This resource informs staff about where they can send parents to get information about different pathways and could be housed on your staff intranet for easy access.

Parental journey 

Help parents understand their child’s careers education journey, the key decision points and how and when you will be offering them support using these visual journey’s.

Imagine the Possibilities – A Family Guide

Supporting families of students with SEND, these resources, developed by South Somerset 14-19 Partnership, help understanding about effective transition and avenues of support.

Celebrity Parent Films 

These films, produced by The Gatsby Foundation, entitled ‘The Making of….’ share the stories of parents of celebrities exploring how they supported their children to reach their career goals.  

Family Conversations Film

Follow four families talking to their children about next steps, helping your parents think about the role they can play in their own child’s decision-making. 

Options at 16 and 18 Animations

Simple animated films, to help parents understand the range of options open to their children at 16 and 18. 

External Sources of Information for Parents

Here you will find links to support parents when looking at key transition points and the wider pathways journey, along with information sources to increase their understanding of some key sectors.  

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