South Somerset 14-19 Partnership ‘Imagine the Possibilities – A Family Guide’

At a glance 

Purposefor families to have the knowledge and support to ensure their child is prepared for their post 16 careers journey and the world of work. To help families support their young person to make informed decisions about their next steps in life and reduce their risk of not progressing into education, employment or training and then becoming NEET.

Developed resources: A family guide: the tools and resources pull together key ‘Preparation for Adulthood’ information that will enable families to understand the journey and variety of diverse support available, from rights and responsibilities to processes, a full range of ideas and resources, presented in a user-friendly manner. 

Please also take a look at South Somerset 14-19 Partnership ‘SEND Transitions: Imagine the Possibilities and Making a success of Further Education’.

Top tips

For more resource and support that will enable mainstream, special school and FE Careers Leaders to understand the journey and support available for young people with SEND, click here.

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