Teacher Encounters – Resources for Employers

Teacher Encounters – what are they?

A meaningful interaction between teachers and employers

  • Teachers increase their knowledge, confidence and understanding of the labour market, pathways and skills needed to grow the economy.
  • Employers widen their reach within education, support the development of their talent pipeline and develop their outreach to maximise impact.
  • Young people can relate their education to the world of work and are more informed and better prepared for their next step.


There has been considerable progress in careers education in recent years and the next stage is to deepen the relationship between classroom teachers and employers.

We know that helping young people find their best next step from education into employment is a shared mission for teachers and business. To embed a culture of careers within education, careers needs to become a mainstream focus in schools and colleges.

Teachers pass on messages about career pathways through the relationships they build with young people and the curriculum they teach, and they need support, especially because they do not always have the knowledge or experience of all pathways, the labour market, or the skills that employers need and value. Being able to link the curriculum to the world of work can enable students and teachers to relate education to future career pathways and we have an opportunity to influence both curriculum intent and delivery, as well as increasing awareness of different pathways and opportunities.

Opportunities in the workplace, the ways employers recruit, and the skills, qualifications and attributes that are valued and in demand is a rapidly changing landscape. It is vital for employers to have the opportunity to upskill the education workforce to enable them to keep up to date with these changes and to ensure a suitable talent pipeline exists to meet the future needs of the economy. 

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