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The age range is from year 10 to year 13.  It is a ‘stage not age’ resource, meaning a motivated 15-year-old may go through the whole guide, others in key stage 4 may dip in and out of sections. The information will be just as useful for key stage 5 learners.  In each section there are basic (‘Move On’) and advanced (‘Go Further’) tasks to help with their career planning.  Learners will be at different stages in their career planning and can access the basic tasks and/or for those more engaged the advanced tasks.   

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Resource aims

  • To enable learners to engage in career learning during the pandemic period.
  • To help learners identify key employability skills and how they are represented in different career sectors, with a particular emphasis on their local areas.
  • The resource enables learners to reflect and record their career learning which in turn will inform their career planning. 


Learning outcomes of the resource

After engaging in the resource year 10-13 learners will have:

  • recorded evidence of their ability against the eight skills builder essential skills
  • matched themselves to local employment sectors
  • improved knowledge of labour market information from local to global perspectives
  • developed their understanding of the range of qualifications and progression routes available
  • developed awareness of their values, skills, qualities, strengths, areas for improvement
  • engaged in career action planning to identify and own their next steps
  • developed a sense of hope and optimism to know there are a wide range of career opportunities
  • understood the need to take control/ownership of their future.

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