Cornerstone Employer Group Case Studies – West of England


We aimed to increase the sense of ownership and engagement that Employers have in relation to the Cornerstone Group in the West of England, as well as to encourage Cornerstone Employers to proactively develop solutions based on their insight and experience. As part of this, we:

Reframed our Chairing of meetings:

  • Moved to employer chaired meetings to secure further engagement.
  • Initially introduced a system of rotating chair from Cornerstone Employers, but later moved to single Employer Chair to improve consistency of sharing and increase engagement.

Developed Groups to increase activity and participation from all:

  • Task and finish groups were started to respond to actions, building on shared interests.
  • Revised the Commitment plan and worked with the chair to identify key priorities and actions.
  • Formalised strategic action groups replaced the task and finish groups. All Cornerstone Employers are part of a group. These meet 3 times per year (in addition to wider meetings).

The action groups are:

  • Influencing Strategic leaders;
  • Supporting Careers Leaders and Employers to engage; and
  • Supporting disadvantaged students.

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