Wider Education Workforce Course

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Wider Education Workforce

The wider education workforce make an incredible difference in a young person’s life. The positive interactions, the time spent with the young people and their families can mean that incredible relationships are formed. For some young people it is that support that gets them through the day and indeed their time in education.

This short course is designed to highlight how the wider education workforce play a key role in supporting young people to make informed choices about their best next step and potential career pathway. The course provides an overview of the opportunities available to young people, signposts to useful organisations and resources, and suggests where there may be opportunities for career conversations and experiences with young people and their families.


The course aims to help the Wider Education Workforce to:

  • Understand the range of pathways available for young people.
  • Develop the confidence required to initiate careers conversations.
  • Identify opportunities for interactions with employers and workplace environments.
  • Access a range of resources to support young people.
  • Find out where further information and guidance is available.

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