What’s Next? - Free online course

The course is open to all young people, but has a particular focus on those from backgrounds currently under-represented in higher education, to support the University of London’s commitment to the social mobility pledge. As such, video stories throughout the course feature graduates from under-represented backgrounds sharing their experiences and advice. As well as up-to-date and accurate text information, each module contains a range of interactive activities, including quizzes and guided thinking activities.

The course has been built in Moodle (to enable young people to experience a mode of study that is representative of post-18 learning platforms) and is divided into two modules:

  1. Understanding your options – gives students an overview of their post-18 options and factors to consider (from money matters to current labour market information and skills and employability) when picking an option.
  2. What’s the right choice for me? – designed to help 16-18 year-olds understand more about themselves, what’s important to them and where different options can lead, to help them make a well-informed decision about their next step.
Top tips
  • The course includes text information, alongside animations, video stories (featuring graduates from under-represented backgrounds talking about their experiences and choices regarding post-18 options), interactive quizzes, and guided thinking exercises.
  • In total, it comprises around 2.5+ hours of learning content across the two modules. It also complies with the relevant Gatsby guidelines for careers IAG.
  • Young people receive a downloadable certificate on completion.
  • The resource has been designed for self-directed, independent learning, but could also be used in the classroom by career leads and teachers.

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