Global STEM Awards

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Suitable for young people aged 9 to 18, the Global STEM Awards offers a progressive reward programme that encourages young people to consider, investigate and research real-world STEM challenges.  Ideal for Science and STEM Clubs or to use as part of a STEM Curriculum, participants can work individually or in a small team to produce a project that focuses on one of 9 global locations (including marine or space) and a chosen STEM-based context or challenge such as transport, energy, conservation, exploration, health & nutrition or communication.  Participants will also need to consider the relevant STEM careers and their pathways as part of their project.  Global STEM Awards are also aligned to the Skills Builder framework and participants will also be required to reflect upon the skills they have developed and used as part of their project investigations and production.

There are 4 levels of the Global STEM Awards - bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Within levels bronze, silver and gold there are four progressive standards that can be achieved so that the awards can be differentiated and adapted to all ages and abilities.  The validation framework sets out the criteria that participants need to meet within their projects in order to achieve an award.

Global STEM Awards is also suitable for home education.

Details of costings for this programme can be found here.

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