Engineering Skills Development - Teacher CPD


Each section examines an element of engineering attempting to define it and outline any key skills or key points. Reflective thinking tasks are provided along with useful web links for further investigation. 

The design activities include using the free product designer software tool at to create a systems diagram of the USS Iowa battleship. 

This tool supports the development of ‘top down’ thinking using systems engineering and modular design skills that engineers use to design complex products such as aircraft, trains and spacecraft.

This resource seeks to provide an accessible introduction to the topic of structured problem solving by creating simple systems diagrams of world beating products such as Concorde.

This is predominately a CPD tool designed for teachers, but some elements might also be suitable for some students to use.

The company's core proposition, How to design Concorde, has now been endorsed by EngineeringUK Neon. Click here to take a look.

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