Careers Education Resources: Apprenticeships and Technical Education

WorldSkills UK Learning Lab

After registering on the WorldSkills UK Learning Lab, you’ll find the resources in the ‘Careers Education’ category within ‘Lessons & Resources’. There you’ll find two core topic areas. The ‘Assess’ topic area is designed to introduce students to the concept of skills and strengths as well as a career, equipping learners with the ability to articulate their own career ambitions, skills and strengths. The ‘Explore’  area encompasses a range of resources which have been divided into sector subtopics. Through these modules learners will explore a variety of industries and roles, covering four core areas:

  • Industry overview: hear from industry experts on the skills employers are looking for and discover the scope, developments and misconceptions of the industry
  • Role model focus; hear from apprentices and young role model professionals about their journeys, inspiration and roles
  • Key information; pay, hours of work, tasks and potential career progression
  • Routes into; how industry specific technical routes and apprenticeships lead to career success and excellence

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