Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs

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Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs allows children to explore 50 weird and wonderful jobs of the future. The game helps children understand how the world is rapidly changing – and the new possibilities it will offer. It engages the imagination and offers a creative way to learn about careers.

Each pack costs £9.99 and contains:

  • 50 trump cards – including job descriptions, ratings across six categories and a fun fact relating to the career on each card
  • Rules card – to explain the rules and game variations to players
  • Other games and exercises cards – offering additional mini-games to play using the cards
  • Blank trump card – for players to photocopy and create their own trump cards.
Top tips
  • Be sure to refer to the instruction card, which is provided in the game box.
  • However, the gameplay follows the popular Top Trumps format so children may already be aware of how to play.
  • The pack also includes two mini games cards to extend learning beyond the main trumps game.

Learning outcomes

  • Helps children understand how the world of work is rapidly changing and some of the exciting new career opportunities they may have the chance to do when they leave school
  • Engages the imagination and offers a fun and exciting way to learn about the future world of work
  • Encourages thought and discussion about future life choices between teachers, family and friends

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