HE Unboxed

This suite of free resources is designed to support teachers as they deliver an aspiration-raising programme of activity. Developed by Loughborough University, HE Unboxed is built around a simple concept – develop sessions that showcase how subject knowledge and key transferable skills are both key to future success.

Top tips
  • Use HE Unboxed alongside the other resources from Loughborough University such as Subject in a box and Success in a box.
  • This resource can be used as part of a planned careers programme to support progress in Benchmark 7.
  • Students can use the boxes to identify and develop key transferable skills, increasing their understanding of how these can be utilised in both education and the workplace.

Further information

HE Unboxed’s primary objective is to help students (particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds) to understand the range of opportunities available to them through Higher Education and to inspire them to continue learning to this level. The initiative also focuses on highlighting the links between curriculum and careers, showcasing to students the wide range of applications that their studies can lead to.

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