Careers Education Framework

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The autism-specific Careers Education Framework (CEF) provides top tips and resources to support autistic young people through careers education into employment. It has been designed for careers leaders and similar staff to ensure effective careers education for autistic young people. 

Autistic people have many strengths, despite the challenges they face. These might include attention to detail, an increased interest in topics that bring them joy and the ability to offer different perspectives on situations. 

Sadly, because of a lack of understanding and support, many autistic young people face exclusion from school and struggle to access social activities with their peers. They also miss opportunities to advance to further education or find meaningful employment.

Only 57% of autistic young people said careers advisors understood autism and their needs.

When they finish school, few autistic young people move on to college, further training or the workplace. In fact, only one in four autistic young people access education or training beyond school.

An effective careers education approach and programme during school and college is essential. It ensures that autistic young people gain the necessary employability skills and learn about themselves, while accessing tailored opportunities they can use to prepare for adulthood. 

The autism-specific CEF has been created based on our research running educational settings and designed in partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company. The CEF will help you deliver good careers education for autistic young people. It also provides top tips and resources for careers leaders through an interactive online guide.

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