British Army: UPS Teamwork and Tension

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This series of three teaching sessions and an interactive workshop is designed to support teaching of the Uniformed Protective Services L3 BTEC. Exploring core UPS course content through a realistic disaster relief scenario and supported by videos, worksheets and audio case studies with current serving Army personnel, these materials will help students learn and apply core concepts of teamwork and leadership.

Session 1: Theories of team development (Unit 5: B1)

Session 2: Applying teamwork techniques, and anticipating and overcoming barriers to effective teamwork (Unit 5: B2–3)

Session 3: Managing the behaviours of others and self in high-tension situations (Unit 2: F)

Workshop: Teams and tension in disaster relief (Unit 2: F and Unit 5: B)

With up to 8 hours of content, these adaptable lessons focus on core learnings from Unit 5 and Unit 2 of the UPS course. The sessions can be used individually and independently but work well together as a scheme of work, building on learnings throughout the session to apply in the workshop.

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