Amazing Apprenticeships: Interactive Student Apprenticeship Guide

The guide should preferably be introduced to all students in Year 12 and worked through with the support of their tutor throughout sixth form.  

It should be used in conjunction with the accompanying teacher guide, which supports sixth form tutors to support their students in learning about and applying for apprenticeships.

There are opportunities for the students to make notes at the end of each chapter in the guide, noting any thoughts or questions they may have, which tutors can pick up and work through with them.

There is also a tracking tool at the end showing the progress of any applications the student has made, which is useful for identifying areas in the recruitment process where the student may need support, as well as for internal destinations tracking.


  • Careers Leader
  • Further Education provider
  • Training Provider
  • Free
  • BM2: Learning from Career and Labour Market Information
  • BM4: Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • BM5: Encounters with Employers and Employees
  • BM6: Experiences of the workplace
  • BM7: Encounters with Further and Higher Education
  • Further education and skills
  • Information booklets/sheets
  • Virtual